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Sunset Shimmer 03 by QueenBloo
Princess Celestia: AWA 2014 by AtemuMustang
The Two Royal Sisters by AtemuMustang
Pinkie Pie 01 by QueenBloo
Apple Jack - MLP: FiM by LlamaWorshipper
Howdy! - MLP: FiM by LlamaWorshipper
MLP: FiM - Relaxing on a Warm, Sunny Day by LlamaWorshipper
What a Cutie Pie! - MLP: FiM by LlamaWorshipper
Fluttershy by EllyChan by EllyChanCosplay
SacAnime Fluttershy Cosplay by Rainbow-Pastel
Christmas fluttershy - EllyChan by EllyChanCosplay
The Forest by Wolly-Dream
Pinkie Pie
(Equestria Girls) At the Cupcake Shop Cosplay by KrazyKari
LET'S GO PARTY! by VivienneCorner
Pinkamena by Wolly-Dream
Come on, everypony: Smile, Smile, Smile! by VivienneCorner
Rainbow Dash
SacAnime W17 Rainbow Dash by Rainbow-Pastel
Gala Rainbow Dash Cosplay by KimkahMakara
Gala Rainbow Dash by KimkahMakara
Awesome As I Wanna Be by Rainbow-Pastel
(MLP) Rarity x Spike Cosplay by KrazyKari
(MLP) Santa Themed Rarity Cosplay by KrazyKari
(MLP) Maid Rarity Cosplay by KrazyKari
Simple Ways Rarity - Nightmare Night NYC by KarRedRoses
Twilight Sparkle
Doctor Twilight Sparkle Wants kidneys! by TheMultiBrony22
MLP gif by Lady-I-Hellsing
Books! by Hzirafa
Twilight and a little girl by sabrina200415
Spike 002 by NormalBastard
Spike 003 by NormalBastard
Spike 004 by NormalBastard
Spike 005 by NormalBastard
Mane 6 Group
They see me rollin' by Shadeila
You look so pretty~! by Shadeila
My Little Pony Cosplay- Silly Faces! by NerdySiren
At the gala by BrinyCosplay
Two or more ponies
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody cosplay by grimnir11
Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Pie cosplay by grimnir11
My Little Pony Cosplay | Celestia and Cadance by Shadeila
EG: Wondercolts' new star by nekomiKasai
Chaos and Kindness by Rainbow-Pastel
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia by AnnaLynnCosplay
Nightmare Moon Luna
Midnight Stroll by Drknz13
(MLP) Apple Bloom and the Fam Cosplay by KrazyKari
Not quite Cloudsdale.... by JiaJem
Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle Cosplay by Shadeila
Cutie Mark Crusaders
AX 2013 - 93 by Digitallee
Big Macintosh
Ascend to Alicorn by BrinyCosplay
Derpy Hooves
(MLP) Derpy's First Love Cosplay by KrazyKari
Aphrodite by ilurveNINJAMAN
Magic Duel by sakuraknight2000
Zecora by BrinyCosplay
Discord and Sombra by sakuraknight2000
Chrysalis by Lord-Azeran
The Wonderbolts
(MLP) Wonderbolt Captain, Spitfire (Cosplay) by KrazyKari
Royalty and Celebrities
Princess Cadence Cosplay by Shadeila
(MLP) Roseluck in the Garden Cosplay by KrazyKari
Background and minor characters characters
(MLP) Lily Valley Cosplay by KrazyKari
Octavia Fursuit by coma392
Vinyl Scratch DJ Pon-3
Vinyl Scratch cosplay by grimnir11
(MLP) Mom and Daughter (Firefly Cosplay) by KrazyKari
PPC Mission Belle Make Up and Wig Test by Maddymoiselle
Costumes only
Twilight Sparkle by Lady-I-Hellsing
Fluffle Puff... with a HAT! by MadHamsterCostumes
Custom Guitar for MLP Sunset Shimmer Cosplay by KarRedRoses


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Basic Info

Just come here, join, take a cup of tea and have fun with us!

- Basic rule: Only submit MyLittlePony-related pictures! I have to turn down so many requests for being featured from cosplays having nothing to do with MLP :|
- Try to put things in correct folders.
- Submit as many pics as you want - there's no limit!
- Be nice, be kind, make this group 20% cooler.

That's all, I guess!

Group Info

This is a group to honour all the great MLP Cosplays out there.
Hey, every pony-cosplayer out there:

Everyone can submit, no matter if Rarity, Discord, Derpy Hooves or whoever!
Share your cosplay results with the world :3

-Please don't submit cosplay of any other series than My Little Pony!-
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Aug 6, 2012


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Art Collection

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I am posting this for :iconstarsofcassiopeia:

Hello fellow cosplayers/MLP fans! We are in need of your help!

We are looking for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Cosplayers (and fans!) to help make a cosplay music video at Katsucon 2013!

Live-Action CMV Details:
Song: Pinkie Pie's "Smile Song" Remix by The Living Tombstone

Location: Katsucon 19 at National Harbor, Maryland

Extremely beautiful setting with great spots to shoot. We will be filming inside and in the gardens immediately outside of the convention, depending on the weather.

Date/Time: Saturday, Feb. 16th. Hours TBD, but likely mid-morning/afternoon.

Times will vary between the solo shots and the group shots. There is no confirmed time, but it will be determined soon (and will take time preferences from cosplayers into account!)

Directors: Anti-Shoujo and Miyaki497 (filming), StarsCassiopeia (coordination)

~Anti-Shoujo and ~Miyaki497 will be filming and editing (and they're both studying video production so you know it'll be awesome!) If anyone wants to help out with the making of it or has any filming skills, PLEASE contact us from the contact links below!

~StarsOfCASSiOPEiA ("Cass"-- that's me!) will also be helping organize cosplayers for the larger group numbers, so please feel free to contact me as well with any interest!

Cast List

Pinkie Pie: ~Left-right-chu
Rarity: Jujumanji/friend
Rainbow Dash (looking for a Gala version!):
Twilight Sparkle: ~StarsOfCASSiOPEiA
Applejack: ~BerryCollector / Sonicsilliness (tumblr)
Fluttershy: Hyperlittlenobodies

NOTE: We WILL need more Mane 6 cosplayers for the big group shots! Any variant is fine.

Apple Bloom:
Apple Blossom:
Big Macintosh:

Other Ponies/Cosplayers:
DJ Pon-3/ Vinyl Scratch: Anti-Shoujo
Neon Lights: Miyaki497
Spitfire: S-P-A-N

Rules and Requirements:
~You must be registered for the con/have a con badge. This is VERY IMPORTANT! It's kind of hard to film you in the con center if, y'know, you're not at the con.
~Solo characters (Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Apple Bloom, Apple Blossom, Scootaloo) need to touch base with us in advance! There is no exact time for when your cosplay should be completed, but we would really like to see a preview of it before con so we can recognize you! We also need to be able to track you down/give you any choreography we come up with in advance.
~Figure out your schedules! We are trying to do the group shots with the photoshoot (TBA), so that everyone can gather together for group shots.
Leads, please email us about any conflicts you may have with the shoot (once a time is established). We're obviously going to need you there for more time than people who are in the chorus scene!
~THIS IS NOT A FLASH MOB! This will be an organized (we say this loosely) video shoot. We're going to give the con staff a heads-up just in case, but we'd like to keep the chaos controlled as much as possible.
~Follow general con rules / etiquette. Enough said.

Tumblr: Track "Smile! The Musical". We'll tag all relevant posts with that.

Anti-Shoujo's Contact Information:
E-mail: Sinsany101<@>
DA: Anti-Shoujo

StarsCassiopeia's Contact Information:
E-mail: starsofcassiopeia<@>

Miyaki497's Contact Information:
DA: Miyaki497

Hope to see you there!
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EllyChanCosplay Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist
Ty for adding my fluttershy cosplay <3 ^__^
Wolly-Dream Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I really appreciate that you added my drawing! I wasn't sure if my drawing of Fluttershy cosplaying as a Deerling from Pokemon would be allowed in this group since it has significant differences from the usual pictures uploaded here. If I draw something like that again, is it okay for me to submit it here? I understand if not.
LuzzlyDemigod Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for the add!
AlicornLover Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The only folder available to submit to is "Featured." I would totally put them in the correct place if I could. Not sure why my submissions keep getting rejected anyway--especially since my husband and I have won awards two years in a row at Fiesta Equestria  (first place this year--booyah!)
frenchraph Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Your rule said "- Try to put things in correct folders."
But there is a problem: The Features folder is the only one open to contribution from everyone (including those not part of your group, like me)

You probably need:
- either to open the other galleries to the public
- or to close the option for people outside your group to submit to the Features folder.
descaiger Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am looking for a friend with whom to talk about cosplay ^^
TheDirectorLOLS Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
And what cosplay would that be?
descaiger Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
series, videogame, or MLP actualy
TheDirectorLOLS Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
How about videogame cosplay?
(1 Reply)
ilurveNINJAMAN Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
I just submitted a handful of Queen Chrysalis cosplay shots but I think I accidentally uploaded a few to "featured" instead of "chrysalis." I tried to correct my mistake but dA gave me issues instead. Sorry about that! ^_^;
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